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Project for a Centre for Advanced Nuclear Technologies (CANUT)
12-juin-2012 14:07 14:07
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Project for a Centre for Advanced Nuclear Technologies (CANUT)

                                                    Séminaire d'Eva Dokladalova

                                                                 12 juin 2012

                          Project for a Centre for Advanced Nuclear Technologies (CANUT)

The Centre for Advanced Nuclear Technologies (CANUT) defines the system for long term  cooperation in R&D among research organizations and significant industrial companies participating in the project through partnership. The Czech Republic’s position in the area of nuclear research has been gradually weakening since the 1990’s and due to the absence of a strategic alliance between top Czech research organizations and industrial companies it has been currently losing ground on countries with historically lesser nuclear energy tradition (e.g. Argentina).
The CANUT Project focuses on solving this disturbing situation through a strategic partnership among the members of the nuclear technologies consortium, where the participating organizations are internationally respected research institutes and industrial companies with a long term tradition. These technologies and the nuclear energy safety especially are highly accentuated in the EU’s Strategic research agenda.
The primary objective of the CANUT Project is to form a strategic concentration of key research capacities, which will lead to the acceleration of transfer and implementation of research and development results. This will then mean a major strengthening of the innovative potential for the consortium members. The consortium will enable the implementation of demanding cross-field projects and the development of new products and technologies, which could not be performed individually by the consortium members. The main mission for the CANUT will be the implementation of the Strategic Research Agenda (“SRA”) and the ensuing commercialization of achieved R&D results.
A direct link to the industrial partners will lead to final implementation of research and development results in the form of industrial innovations and specific products to cover current market demand, as well as in the form of industrial property rights. The applicable R&D results will also benefit the long term economic sustainability and further development of CANUT, while an effective transfer of know-how and knowledge within the consortium will be beneficial for sustainability from the perspective of knowledge. Its direct consequence will be to formulate research projects and topics to be implemented via own resources and also using EU’s and CZ’s financial resources for R&D. Such a consortium should clearly strengthen and stabilize human resources in R&D.

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